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Who I am

“Hi I am Claire.

I work with women and men who are feeling stuck and lost. I help you reconnect with what you truly want so you can create your « authentic life recipe. Through our collaborative partnership and a creative approach using culinary improvisations and EFT technique I will help you reconnect with yourself, listen, feel so you can gain clarity and take action to create the life you really want.”

Reconnect with yourself

Have you found yourself at a crossroads, feeling stuck or lost as you wonder how you’ll navigate the next chapter of your journey?

Do you tend to try to do it all and do it “right”, putting others before yourself, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, tired, burnt out, anxious or depressed? 

Do you have the sense that something’s not quite aligned, or feel disconnected but you’re not sure what, why?

Are you ready to give yourself permission to pause and take a step back, so you can unravel the thoughts in your head and tune into your emotions?

Do you want to explore your own wants, needs and patterns? To gain clarity and connect more deeply with yourself?

Would you like to feel in control of your life, and empowered to open to new possibilities? 

The only person that stands in front of you is yourself


Cuisine Thérapie©

Inspired by Art Therapie : a journey of self-discovery mixing mindfulness activities and culinary improvisations.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching is a non-judgemental, client-led, collaborative conversation. It’s a partnership.



Various exercises are offered during a Cuisine Thérapie session. It gives opportunities for deep thinking. I was taken aback by the depth of it. The cooking metaphors opened to rich findings. A truly unique approach!


My coaching sessions with Claire allowed me to listen myself, to be able to analyse many perspectives that I never thought about it and gain the balance that I thought I would never gain.


My goal was to learn more about myself, how my thoughts influence my behaviour in the aim to improve confidence and self-esteem. A Cuisine Thérapie session combined with coaching sessions helped me explore who I am, what’s important to me and increased my self-awareness.


I gained a greater understanding of myself, techniques to ground myself and begin a journey of self love. How to step back and appreciate the beauty in things rather than focus on the negatives


The reflections and discussions during the Cuisine Therapie workshop helped me refocus my priorities. Another of the positive outcomes is that it reminded me of how important it is to have a time for mindfulness during each day. I'll definitely recommend the workshop. It is an activity that combines creativity and the senses to drive self-reflection and analysis of the current state-of-mind, bringing a feeling of wellbeing and relaxion

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